Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well for the time being at least... the bi-polar episode coupled with psychotic coprolalia has passed.

Three cheers for me.


terri said...

thanks for the new word. i will be sure to use it profusely to explain my behaviour. glad you are feeling better (or at least different). :)

can I surmise hubby doesn't read the blog? you are bound to hate him after what...12 years of marriage? i try to change my rlsps every 3-4 years to avoid too much rage from accumulating.

:) love you.

terri said...

by the way, i am going to add you to my blogroll as soon as i get around to adding an "other" section. need to do some re-formatting. that way, i can share you with the world and also clickk on your link faster....
soon i promise.

Rob said...

I'm glad you are feeling better.

Smarts said...

thanks Rob. no need to fear, it was a temporary episode! the man hater in me has returned to the far bleachers.


Smarts said...

terri, glad to hear you have recovered from the flu. I seem to have fallen victim this wknd.

Alas, the rage is over. A good bout can be quite healthy on occassion. Apathy is more my demon. A recycle every 3-4 yrs could indeed have many benefits.