Friday, June 17, 2011

Behaving Badly

I've been acting badly this week.  And now I'm in that sad, lonely aftermath of regret.  Wishing that I was better at shutting up and not always so eager to tell those around me the way I see things and consequently why I am right.  I'm quite accomplished at making speeches.  It's never a good thing when you've grown tired of your own voice.

It's been a taxing last 5 days.  Perhaps the busiest week of the year.  I'm happy it is behind me now and if I can log 10 or 12 hours this weekend, I'll be in good shape for year end.  It is almost laughable (and perhaps I will acutally laugh about it in July) at how bad I am at handling June stressors.  I just hate that overwhelmed feeling of too much to do and not enough time to do it.  I lose perspective and basically hand over a microphone to that voice inside my head that no one else, including me, should be listening to.

So for tonight I am taking some regrouping time.  Going to work quietly in my classroom, sorting and grading.  Looking for a little redemption.

Tomorrow is another day.