Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to the Isle of Sark

The way I stumbled onto the whole idea of visiting the Channel Islands was from the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I briefly wrote about it here. Before I even finished reading the book I had already lined up several of my friends telling them they had to read it! Seriously, I shoved it down their throats and said "If you don't read it we will can no longer be friends". It was from the love of this book (and the subject matter of course) that I decided wanting to belong to a book club wasn't good enough any more ~ so I social media'd us up a book club ~ there are things for which facebook is absolutely priceless. :) PS ~ I've yet to hear a bad review on this book, but it is possible these lovely people are a tad bit afraid of me and my evangelical like enthusiasm.

So the whole time I was reading (and falling nostalgically in love with the heroine and countryside) I kept thinking how amazing it would be to visit Guernsey. In fact, I was considering how absolutely fabulous it would be to visit all the places that I fall in love with through a book. What a way to travel the world with no possible chance of losing inspiration (not that I ever would).

Admittedly, when I started thinking in this way I only knew the name of one of the islands. Guernsey. Obviously. There are in fact 4 main islands and few uninhabited ones.

Sark is the smallest. About 3 miles long and half that wide ~ boasting 40km of coastline. Cars are not permitted on the island so people get around by carriage, bicycle or foot. There are about 600 permanent residents. Sark is a self-governing Crown Dependency which interestingly enough means it is not part of the European Union or the United Kingdom.

In the meantime go here: Along the menu bar it says Guide 2010. Check it out! I'm in love. I'm already wondering how I'm going to tear myself away when it is time to leave.

PS ~ I stole this picture off the same website. The quality is terrible but I think you get the idea.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well there is still a mountain of planning on the near horizon BUT... my friend and I have decided on a tour of France and the Channel Islands ~ Guernsey and Jersey ~ for this summer's adventure. And now I can't stop smiling.

Life is good. Now to brush up on conjugating those verbs. Oh my! And, um, you know... lose 10 lbs and get super fit.

No pressure.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let Go

10th Verse

Carrying body and soul,
and embracing the one
can you avoid separation?

Can you let your body become
as supple as a newborn child's?
In the opening and shutting of heaven's gate,
can you play the feminine part?

Can you love your people
and govern your domain
without self-importance?

Giving birth and nourishing;
having, yet not possessing;
working, yet not taking credit;
leading without controlling or dominating.

One who heeds this power
brings the Tao to the very earth.
This is the primal virtue.


"Let go of your identification with your stuff and with your accomplishments. Try instead to enjoy what you do and all that flows into your life simply for the pleasure of doing and observing the flow itself. You literally own nothing and no one: All that is composed will decompose; All that is yours will leave and become someone else's. So step back a bit and allow yourself to be an observer of this world of form. Becoming a detached witness will put you into a state of bliss, while loosening your tight grip on all off your possessions. It is in this releasing process that you'll gain the freedom to live out what the Tao is always teaching by example."

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Commentary on the 10th Verse of the Tao
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm done. The week has ended. A good week, but I must confess that I stretched it out every where I could. What I'm saying is that during the afternoons we did a lot of art (art is good ~ don't get me wrong here) ... interrupted only by impromptu "Gee kiddies, now seems like a great time to go outside!!!" I needed fun to counter all of this body drama I've been experiencing.

The sugar withdrawal is over. Headache has receded. My body is pretty appreciative of the reduced calorie loading. It has felt good to be in this kind of denial. To get that deep in your belly gnawing, like you haven't fed the beast in hours, has soul strengthening effects. Just for the hell of it I've decided to continue on for next week.

Tonight I'm going to fill the tub and languor there until the hot water tank goes cold. Oh to have such decadence at my fingertips!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Work and Play

It is a perfect weather day! So in honor of it, I took my kids (students) sledding. We had such a time! All that could be heard was laughter and the odd shriek ~ big smiles all around. I have to admit, I'm pretty in love with my little class. They're characters and they just plain and simply make me happy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

sweet release

sometimes I just want to curl up inside my blog. lay in the grass beneath that tree on a dark night and watch the stars, finding myself in some far off astral plane. forget the world. and take you with me. make mad love. dance with fireflies.

where there are no limits at all. no complications. and it all just feels like peace and love. no repercussions. no hurt. only immediacy. no future plans. only this moment. only us.

and I could say everything I've ever wanted to say. free flowing honesty. confession. white truth. all these words that bubble inside like a hot spring. and you could do the same. the good and the bad would run from us like a stream collecting snow melt ~ and just maybe we would melt a little too.

and when we were finished... we could wipe the slate clean. or not. and move on. or not. counting the moments till we'd once again meet beneath that tree.


i love it when i feel connected. like a current runs through me, runs through everything. it is always there but you have to seek out the vibration ~ you have to tune into and let it be the pulse that moves you.

it is a pulse you have to want to feel ~ to get there takes some quiet, some solitude.

last night i went to bed feeling it. and woke up with such gratitude in my heart. i listened to my sleep music long into the night and it gave me this serene sense of the world, like i was held in invisible threads, webs strong like kevlar.

even though, in the great scheme of things, i am a small being. in the great scheme of things, I am all things.

"if you want more love, why don't you say so" John Mayer

Sunday, February 14, 2010


"If your everyday life seems poor don't blame it; blame yourself.
Admit to yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches;
because for the creator there is no poverty and no indifferent place."
Rainer Maria Rilke

Yes, yes, I know! I know! ~ She's back on the Rilke bandwagon and you're all cringing in your seats! So this is all I'm going to say (for now)...

Rilke lived from his heart and he had a special gift for seeing the world as it was in all of its glorious confusion and complications. He didn't try to pretty it up or mask what he thought was truth. He lived unapologetically and in some regards beyond the boundaries of himself.

He didn't mind that life was at times raw. He was as content in the pain as in the bliss. The duality of all things did not go amiss on this man.

So live as though there is no indifferent place. And as though we are all beautiful just because we are, because we exist, because we breathe, because our lives are an (at times) incomprehensible journey. And with your whole heart, strive to be the poet calling forth its riches.

City Finds

Thought I would share a few of the goodies I found in the city.

The tree at the back is the Tree of Life. The artist makes these from recycled 45 gallon oil drums. I bought it at the trade show for our conference, it is a piece of fair trade art from Haiti. Once I find the perfect spot for it, I'll re-photograph it so you can see the intricate details, so beautiful!

It looks like there are 4 books here but really there are only three. Push, Wicked and Eat, Pray, Love are all for my book club. I've been wanting to read the latter since it came out but it has just kept getting set on the back burner ~ so happy I now have some peer pressure to help me get it done! Push is the novel that the movie Precious is based on and Wicked is the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz ~ so quite a diverse collection of reading for the next few months.

The book leaning up against the Tree of Life is a leather bound journal I bought for husband for Valentine's. He mentioned that he'd like to have one so he could jot down notes, ideas and plans for the coming year. How could I possibly resist such an opportunity? It is completely decadent and bound in Italian leather, embossed with a fleur d' lea (that's probably spelled wrong but I think you know what I mean). He also informed me that he intends to begin a vision board! In the 20 years we've been together, I can't think of another time that we've experienced such explosive joy and optimism for our future together. It feels pretty damn inspiring!

I don't think the coffee needs any explanation. We are coffee snobs. Enough said.

Those little ear buds are attached to a ... yes that's right, an iPod! I purchased the iPod for a sole reason ~ sleep music. I have such a difficult time settling down at night and this often leads to me getting overtired, and then I'm a bit of a disaster! The CD in the background is called sleepdeeply and is scientifically engineered with delta binaural beats, which entrains the brain to vibrate at about 2 beats per second, mimicking how the brain cycles during deep sleep. I tried it out last night. So far so good.

That beautiful bag is my new laptop snuggly! It is made by Dakine and so completely yummy I could just eat it! The inside is purple fleece. My VAIO told me again just this morning that she has a super crush on her new bag. ;)

Cream, cream and more cream! That tiny little jar is DMAE cream from Derma-E. If you've never used Derma-E products, check them out! They are one of my favorites for sure! The other bottles are organic based brands that I also love ~ alba shampoo and conditioner, Kiss my Face Citrus Lavender moisturizer (oh I wish you could smell it through the screen) and lastly Avalon Organics Lavender hand and body lotion.

I just wanted to share with you my shopping afterglow! What are your favorite things?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

5 Elements

A lesson:


The theory of the five elements is an ancient philosophy used to describe the physical universe. These five elements have been an integral foundation for centuries in Chinese medicine to show a connectedness between the human body's physiology, pathology and the natural world. They are in constant change and movement with each other.

Wood feeds Fire
Fire create Earth (ash)
Earth bears Metal
Metal carries Water
Water nourishes Wood

Wood parts Earth (roots)
Earth absorbs Water
Water quenches Fire
Fire melts Metal
Metal chops Wood

Wood absorbs Water
Water rusts Metal
Metal breaks up Earth
Earth smothers Fire
Fire burns Wood.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Easy

Hanging at my sister's in the city for the week. Yesterday husband and I stole away for a few hours to roam the mall and ate at one of my fav restaurants. Got lost in Chapters and bought the next 3 books for book club. Husband decided while walking past a mens clothing store that at that moment he needed do some serious wardrobe upgrade. I found the whole thing to be quite hilarious and had to stifle my giggles through the antics of an overly flirtatious sales person. I guess it worked as he left with a leather jacket! OMG ~ who are you? I'm still smiling inside and out, so it was obviously worth it in the end.

Now, to drink lots of coffee at a very leisurely pace! Later I'll go walking with sis and the babies!

I really hope your day is as good as mine is starting out... but I can't imagine how! :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair.
~ Kahil Gibran ~


When you KNOW the goal, it is easy to close the gap between you and it.

Suddenly husband and I find ourselves in a position where we've just agree'd on several major steps forward and the means by which we plan to get there. Amazing how the last few months have been so confusing yet out of it clarity has emerged.

We've always had a loose dream for a particular property but hadn't been able to solve to satisfactions those parts that dangled ~ which I guess just meant the timing wasn't right yet. And now suddenly, it is happening. Moving forward with such ease that it is taking on a life of its own.

I find people love to give advice on how to make things work. But life has a special timing for each of us. And really, if things can't proceed with ease, if we constantly find ourselves forcing a flow, such effort is contradictory to the definition of flow. There is nothing wrong with sitting a while with ambiguity ~ it blurs the limits of your mind, expands the possibilities.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Winter Fun

It's been a good solid week. We accomplished a lot and the kids were on board with expectations. When I wanted them to listen, they listened. When I wanted them to talk and move and contribute they managed that with out losing perspective on what they were trying to accomplish. So work wise it was productive with a calm ease. As a teacher, you really can't ask for more than this.

And now... a break. Next week our division is shut down until February 16 while teachers are required to attend a mandatory convention in the city. I'm excited because it means a week with my sister and the babies. And shopping. And movies. And dinner at a few of my favorite restaurants. :) Basically it all equals happy.

Because we won't return to school until after Valentine's we had a low key exchange in the classroom today and a sledding party just for fun. It did us all a world of good to just get outside and have some crazy carpet time! The smiles and laughter echoed. All the fresh air and climbing up and down the hill (sadly it's not that high) have me now feeling like I'm heading into a relaxation coma!

I feel good. Like some peace has settled in this week. Like I can sit with it and enjoy it without rushing it to be done.