Friday, February 19, 2010


I'm done. The week has ended. A good week, but I must confess that I stretched it out every where I could. What I'm saying is that during the afternoons we did a lot of art (art is good ~ don't get me wrong here) ... interrupted only by impromptu "Gee kiddies, now seems like a great time to go outside!!!" I needed fun to counter all of this body drama I've been experiencing.

The sugar withdrawal is over. Headache has receded. My body is pretty appreciative of the reduced calorie loading. It has felt good to be in this kind of denial. To get that deep in your belly gnawing, like you haven't fed the beast in hours, has soul strengthening effects. Just for the hell of it I've decided to continue on for next week.

Tonight I'm going to fill the tub and languor there until the hot water tank goes cold. Oh to have such decadence at my fingertips!


shellbell said...

oh. i am SO doing a cleanse starting Monday! i was going to start today... but then the boyfriend made Sunday plans for us involving a required intake of less than cleanse-arific Monday it is. i want to feel that satisfaction of knowing i'm doing something good for my body.

Smarts said...

I think cleanses rock! They're hard on one hand but on the other you get this great sense of accomplishment from your own self denial. Sometime I think they do more for spiritual awakening than physical awakening.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!