Monday, February 15, 2010


i love it when i feel connected. like a current runs through me, runs through everything. it is always there but you have to seek out the vibration ~ you have to tune into and let it be the pulse that moves you.

it is a pulse you have to want to feel ~ to get there takes some quiet, some solitude.

last night i went to bed feeling it. and woke up with such gratitude in my heart. i listened to my sleep music long into the night and it gave me this serene sense of the world, like i was held in invisible threads, webs strong like kevlar.

even though, in the great scheme of things, i am a small being. in the great scheme of things, I am all things.

"if you want more love, why don't you say so" John Mayer


Clara Gorham said...

Ange, I love your space you have created for yourself - what pure delight. I love it all. Words are our starting point for manifestation and creating - being thankful for all that is. I realize now that I have always been the decision maker in my life - even when I chose to allow someone else to choose for me. When I argue for my limitations, all I get are my limitations. God would not give us the ability to dream without also giving us the ability to make the dream come true. I am grateful for me and all that I am. I love you Ange, and what a wonderful pure energy I feel just from reading your words. Powerful Stuff. Have you run across any of Byron Katie's work (female), Dr. Moashing Ni? and I am wondering if you decided to come to Toronto with us in May? Thanks Ange, God Bless ya Sweetie.
Auntie Clara

shellbell said...

ah, yes. such an amazing feeling! but so ephemeral, at least in my experience.

i very much love your awareness and how attuned you are to your environment, in the physical and spiritual planes.

Smarts said...

Oh Clara, you know my heart unlike anyone else. So good to have you here, cheering me on as usual. I will definitely check out Katie and Ni ~ have not heard of either of them but if you are recommending then I'm signing up!

I'm feeling the miles between us this year ~ too far. In the meantime I'll just keep putting it out there into the universe.

Love you too, Ange

Smarts said...

you are so right, shellbell ~ ephemeral is a good descriptor. when you feel it, you want to close down everything else and just be in that special moment.

how is the creating going? sending you love.