Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Easy

Hanging at my sister's in the city for the week. Yesterday husband and I stole away for a few hours to roam the mall and ate at one of my fav restaurants. Got lost in Chapters and bought the next 3 books for book club. Husband decided while walking past a mens clothing store that at that moment he needed do some serious wardrobe upgrade. I found the whole thing to be quite hilarious and had to stifle my giggles through the antics of an overly flirtatious sales person. I guess it worked as he left with a leather jacket! OMG ~ who are you? I'm still smiling inside and out, so it was obviously worth it in the end.

Now, to drink lots of coffee at a very leisurely pace! Later I'll go walking with sis and the babies!

I really hope your day is as good as mine is starting out... but I can't imagine how! :)


Bob said...

Women seem to love to laugh at their menfolk. I wonder why. We men are not in the least pompous.

Smarts said...

Oh but you are entertaining!