Sunday, February 14, 2010

City Finds

Thought I would share a few of the goodies I found in the city.

The tree at the back is the Tree of Life. The artist makes these from recycled 45 gallon oil drums. I bought it at the trade show for our conference, it is a piece of fair trade art from Haiti. Once I find the perfect spot for it, I'll re-photograph it so you can see the intricate details, so beautiful!

It looks like there are 4 books here but really there are only three. Push, Wicked and Eat, Pray, Love are all for my book club. I've been wanting to read the latter since it came out but it has just kept getting set on the back burner ~ so happy I now have some peer pressure to help me get it done! Push is the novel that the movie Precious is based on and Wicked is the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz ~ so quite a diverse collection of reading for the next few months.

The book leaning up against the Tree of Life is a leather bound journal I bought for husband for Valentine's. He mentioned that he'd like to have one so he could jot down notes, ideas and plans for the coming year. How could I possibly resist such an opportunity? It is completely decadent and bound in Italian leather, embossed with a fleur d' lea (that's probably spelled wrong but I think you know what I mean). He also informed me that he intends to begin a vision board! In the 20 years we've been together, I can't think of another time that we've experienced such explosive joy and optimism for our future together. It feels pretty damn inspiring!

I don't think the coffee needs any explanation. We are coffee snobs. Enough said.

Those little ear buds are attached to a ... yes that's right, an iPod! I purchased the iPod for a sole reason ~ sleep music. I have such a difficult time settling down at night and this often leads to me getting overtired, and then I'm a bit of a disaster! The CD in the background is called sleepdeeply and is scientifically engineered with delta binaural beats, which entrains the brain to vibrate at about 2 beats per second, mimicking how the brain cycles during deep sleep. I tried it out last night. So far so good.

That beautiful bag is my new laptop snuggly! It is made by Dakine and so completely yummy I could just eat it! The inside is purple fleece. My VAIO told me again just this morning that she has a super crush on her new bag. ;)

Cream, cream and more cream! That tiny little jar is DMAE cream from Derma-E. If you've never used Derma-E products, check them out! They are one of my favorites for sure! The other bottles are organic based brands that I also love ~ alba shampoo and conditioner, Kiss my Face Citrus Lavender moisturizer (oh I wish you could smell it through the screen) and lastly Avalon Organics Lavender hand and body lotion.

I just wanted to share with you my shopping afterglow! What are your favorite things?


Lyn said...

Looks like you had fun in the city. It is always satisfying when you find the treasures you enjoy and that make your life a little sweeter. I grew up in a small town and I can remember being like a kid in the candy store when we went to the city and I saw the huge selection of things we couldn't get in our town. Love your choices ...

Smarts said...

Yes! But sometimes when I go to the city it is completely overwhelming ~ too much choice and selection. Shopping isn't really my thing but I do love items that are unique.

Can't wait to get my Tree of Life hung up ~ found the spot, now to find the hammer!