Friday, February 05, 2010

Winter Fun

It's been a good solid week. We accomplished a lot and the kids were on board with expectations. When I wanted them to listen, they listened. When I wanted them to talk and move and contribute they managed that with out losing perspective on what they were trying to accomplish. So work wise it was productive with a calm ease. As a teacher, you really can't ask for more than this.

And now... a break. Next week our division is shut down until February 16 while teachers are required to attend a mandatory convention in the city. I'm excited because it means a week with my sister and the babies. And shopping. And movies. And dinner at a few of my favorite restaurants. :) Basically it all equals happy.

Because we won't return to school until after Valentine's we had a low key exchange in the classroom today and a sledding party just for fun. It did us all a world of good to just get outside and have some crazy carpet time! The smiles and laughter echoed. All the fresh air and climbing up and down the hill (sadly it's not that high) have me now feeling like I'm heading into a relaxation coma!

I feel good. Like some peace has settled in this week. Like I can sit with it and enjoy it without rushing it to be done.

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