Monday, February 15, 2010

sweet release

sometimes I just want to curl up inside my blog. lay in the grass beneath that tree on a dark night and watch the stars, finding myself in some far off astral plane. forget the world. and take you with me. make mad love. dance with fireflies.

where there are no limits at all. no complications. and it all just feels like peace and love. no repercussions. no hurt. only immediacy. no future plans. only this moment. only us.

and I could say everything I've ever wanted to say. free flowing honesty. confession. white truth. all these words that bubble inside like a hot spring. and you could do the same. the good and the bad would run from us like a stream collecting snow melt ~ and just maybe we would melt a little too.

and when we were finished... we could wipe the slate clean. or not. and move on. or not. counting the moments till we'd once again meet beneath that tree.

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