Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I really hope I get my period soon because right now I am in one goddamn pissy state.

The short of it is this... I need to be in Edmonton for a conference on Feb.15 & 16. If I'm not there, I get charged with professional misconduct! That's right folks, professional misconduct. The association I belong to fronts me almost enough money for the flight down (incase it isn't oozing out, this sentence has been loaded with sarcasm). Apparently the conference centre (which I have been told is a shit-hole) set aside rooms for all of us out-of-towners at a "reasonable rate" - which I assure you isn't all that reasonable. When my colleague called to reserve yesterday she found out that all "these rooms" have been taken. Our room will be double the "reasonable rate". Lovely.

Now to add insult to injury, I asked husband to please book his meetings in the city for the same dates - seeing as he conducts business there at least once a month you wouldn't think it would be that big a problem. Well what-d'ya know, for the first time in the god doesn't exist knows how long, his meetings will be taking place here - in god fucking no where!!!!!!!!!! Oh right, because the boys from Edmonton decided they should try and make travel time more equitable. Fuck me. One way travel never seemed to bother them in the past, lucky for me their conscience got the better of them and their good deal which is punishment only to me will be carried out in February. Hmmm, do you supose they will be recipricating the equitability in April, June, August and so on? Sadly I guess no.

So I tried to convince husband to make the trip anyway and we drive instead. Oh but my husband is so busy. He works so hard. He couldn't possibly take a day off let alone three. Oh right, and what would he do with himself while I'm out all day. Men are assholes. All of them.

I'm going to bed.


terri said...

i agree. men are assholes. this has been my observation from years of relationships with years of men. i conclude most, okay all, are assholes.

the men at work confirm this for me daily.

ok, in fairness some men have moments of civility and clarity but for the most part are assholes when permitted to be themselves.

hang in there.

Smarts said...