Thursday, January 04, 2007

She Gets Down

Don't you try to tell yourself you travel undetected
When crawling with your face down to the ground
She's always got her eyes on you
When she gets down

Remember all those gentle nights you drifted off believing
You'd be safe if you just never made a sound
You wake up with the deepest cut
When she gets down

Sometimes the world we want is different than the one we find
I remember every soul that has touched me
Every hand that was held out so simple and kind

Down here after midnight there's many a man screaming at the sky
With all the fury he has found
She can shatter all your nerves
When she gets down

When she gets down storms that come suddenly up
make you stumble and fall
She takes your voice away when you face her
Leaves you confessing nothing at all
If you ever felt like you could lift up your life
Like you were diamonds that were pushing through the ground
Don't ever put your faith in her
When she gets down

Jim Cuddy

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