Monday, January 29, 2007

In just a couple of weeks I'm headed to the city. And this is my inpiration for while I'm there!!!!


Rob said...

That chair is an inspiration! Now what are you up to Smarts?

Bridget said...

I thought you were in a city, silly me, I put the ass in assume.

Nice chair. My cat would pulverize that pretty leather.

Smarts said...

hi Rob,

truth be told...i'm a terrible shopper and have committment phobia! i put things in the cart, walk around with them and then take them back to their spot on the shelf and leave empty-handed. so we'll see whether or not i can actually do it! but i must confess i've been coveting this chair since August.

i know, i'm a freak.

Smarts said...

hello bridge,

fraid i live in the boonies! (small town norhtern alberta) ironically my house is in a subdivision that taken out of context could be mistaken for just about any canadian city.

Rob said...

I think I have commitment phobia too!