Sunday, January 21, 2007

I find myself frustrated and anxious tonight. Irritated by a head cold that has lodged wholey in my voicebox, making me sound like a 50 year smoking veteran. My work requires not only that I talk a lot (understatement) but also that I emote and project - both impossible given my current condition - hence the anxious feelings.

I'm not good at being sick.

As a side note, I fricking hate football and it has been on our tv ALL day.


terri said...

i hate football too, and it was on my tv all sunday. david is sick with the flu. he was very happy watching football but was a total grouch all day otherwise. at least he was in front of the tv and not walking around the house being all sick and irritated and grouchy. i guess football is good for something. i think it's retarded - and those stupid dumb ass cheerleaders. please save me from this stupid world where that is cool.....:)

(sorry you are sick)

Rob said...

Once I heard a lady complain about her husband's addiction to football. Her husband then tried to justify this addiction by explaining that there is a lot of suffering involved in following a football team! Of course this was no comfort to her.

I think the attraction of football might be that chasing a football around a pitch is totally silly....and therefore, for that very reason, can be very therapeutic.

I hope you feel better soon.