Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle

I'm very at peace with myself and the world today. It feels wonderful to be well again and have my energy returned to its normal moderate-to-high level. I also just put down the phone from a long and heart-warming conversation with my mom - nothing in particular, it was just nice to talk and not feel hurried and to have good things (the everyday kind) to share with each other. At one point I realized I was a bit monopolizing on the conversation but pointed out that she is my mother so by default she must listen when others may not be quite as generous! She just laughed and gave the go ahead to keep on with the incessant talking.

I also have to secretly admit that work feels very satisfying at this time and space. I've so rarely had the pleasure in my professional life of such gratification and participation in the work I am doing. Yesterday I caught myself in a moment of shear excitement just waiting to get out the door and into my classroom. This week I started the planning process for a grade 3 team building afternoon - I'm downright giddy with thoughts about this project and best of all my colleagues are garnering full support!

It is a beautiful winter Saturday here in the northern climes of Canada. I'm going to be very decadent today and squeeze out every last drop of this weekend that I can (right after I clean the bathroom that is). The coffee pot awaits along with a good book and pj's til mid-afternoon. Wherever you are...may you be so blessed!

And seeing as I've never posted any pics of my new home and my camera suddenly decided (after months of being contrary) to speak to my computer... sorry the color quality is a bit off.


Rob said...

It's good to hear you are feeling so much better.
Your home looks lovely and you have lots of space!

Bridget said...

What a beautiful and inviting home. Wow! Also glad to hear your energy has returned. Hugs!

Smarts said...

Hi Rob. Yes it definitely feels good to be back to my usual self.

We are enjoying the house very much and I still haven't filled all the kitchen cabinets! Although by new home construction standards, ours is relatively small - 1300sq.feet - the pictures seem to make it look larger than it really is. I'm not a big fan of really large houses and prefer smaller quainter spaces.

Smarts said...

Hi Bridget, so glad you had a relaxing weekend away - sounds like it was heartwarming and theraputic all at the same time.

If you lived closer I would have you over for tea and commission you to do something fabulous with the fireplace.

:) Hugs back to you.

terri said...

i tried to post before but blogger ate my comments - maybe they are not lost and you will see them but i can't.

just saying your house is lovely, all warm and cosy, especially with the warming filter effect! i am not so much into the modern-contemporary decor but you are pulling it off and make it look lovely and approachable! love the house.

i want to see more pics!!