Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My place of work has many employees. Every employee has an email address. Now, I don't disagree that email does benefit our work environment by making information easily accessible...HOWEVER! it would seem that said place of work has (until today) lost all boundaries with regard to what should and should not be sent. Personally, I find it a constant struggle to keep important and informative emails away from the ever growing herd of chain mail and the ever cursed 'all recipients' button.

Yesterday someone emailed district wide a petition to reinstate prayer in schools, the subject line of course was "If you care you will forward." I can assure you that many cared but not in the regard the sender had anticipated.

This mornings 'you've got mail message' was a scathing rebuke from the IT department indicating that staff email was neither the time nor the place to be debating school prayer - which turned out to have originated in the US.

I fought my deep burning urge to email IT (and cc district wide of course) and applaud them for their show of kahunas on this subject. Go IT.

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