Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shhh, there are secrets in here.

January has not been the easiest month.

We're putting the house up for sale. I really love this house but I'm fine with it being a memory of a lovely place we lived during our time in the north. And no, I'm not shutting the door to the north completely. I'm blessed with a ridiculously well paying job here and I think to just throw that out would be a careless thing to do. This is just a first step.

I am ready to forward think and put energy into the intentions we have for the future. Having made the decision and talked with the real estate agent has brought some additional clarity. It could take some time for the house to sell, as the market is as slow and saturated here as it is most other places. Our first step is a silent listing. This gives our selling option to only one company to show to pre-screened buyers and keeps a sign off our lawn. Depending on spring markets we may go ahead with a full listing.

Beyond this measure both husband and I have taken some personal steps. In early January I enrolled in a course to learn to trade FOREX. Forex is the world currency market. My course starts on Monday! I'm trying not to put any expectations on it. It is an arena that offers a lot of potential but could take months if not years to learn to successfully navigate. But, I'm looking forward to giving my brain a workout at something new. And fingers crossed, love it and earn a few bucks along the way. :)

Husband loves to build. When we lived in Halifax, he renovated our house and here he has finished the basement and rebuilt the deck (it wasn't to his satisfaction so he tore it off and made it over ~ seriously!) So he has signed up for a timber-framing course. The course takes place in April in the Rocky Mountains. I'm certain he will come back brimming with inspiration. We are both into home design and I expect that the next formidable project may very well be building a house. Exciting to think about.

So in my mind, we are starting to be on our way.


Lyn said...

Angela, sounds like you have some exciting plans and things to look forward to. Sometimes just creating a plan forward can kick start the energy and dream factory. You have taken the first step in creating the life you want -- with a picture of it and agreement with your partner. Good for you! Hugs ...

Smarts said...

Hugs to you, too! I love your stopping by and taking the time to leave these messages. Hugs to you...