Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rear-View Mirror

(yes, I know that I shouldn't be blogging right now as there are other more pressing matters, but anyway...)

A conversation I had earlier today sparked some thoughts on hind-sight. This person related to me how they felt that God has been preparing them for the last 20 years to be with the love of their life (which of course they have now met). And when she now looks back over the men and failed/incomplete relationships as well as her own spiritual journeying to this point ~ she can perfectly connect the dots of how this whole coming about has been led (her words) by the hand of God.

For some reason I attract these types of exchanges from people.

Now bear with me cause I'm about to go in a seemingly different direction. Earlier this week I was listening to a podcast regarding the use of technical indicators for predicting profit in Forex (Foreign Currency Exchange Market). The author was offering a proof for why some experts believe in the use of these indicators - which rely on a series of intercepting lines which represent profit. If you trace the lines backward in history, it is obvious where they cross as is the value of profit that could have been taken had a trade been made. Basically, in hind-sight, a trader is able to objectively see history taking shape. The problem... when one uses technical indicators to predict the future, things are a little more elusive - all the indicators in the world can point to a future event happening and YET said event may never take place. Lines you thought were destined to cross never do. In short, the past is certain - the future is NOT.

I couldn't help but think how this also applies to relationships. It is easy to look back over the years and quantify the ebb and flow of people and places. We wear the impact of intersecting lines. But we also take a LOT of artistic liberty in the way we draw those lines and the importance we place on them.

The saying "if it's not one thing it's another" applies here. Life is a spiritual journey, regardless of who or what you ascribe god to be. And this spiritual journeying is meant to challenge and change us, offering a smorg of opportunity for intersecting lines. It is always preparing us for what comes next, to enjoy, appreciate, learn from whatever might be around the corner ~ be that the love of our life or the solitude of aloneness. If it's not one thing, it will be another. Regardless, it has the potential to be the next best thing.

The rear-view mirror is the meaning we assign to our past. Yes, it teaches us all... but ultimately WE are the ones connecting and assigning value to converging paths. Free will is the gift of a creative soul.

(admittedly it is late and in the morning none of might make any sense). In the mean-time live your life as though it all matters and if you do believe in the guiding hand of god, it is there only to embolden you to achieve beyond what you think your natural talents are.


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