Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Down Dog

It has been a while since I practiced yoga regularly. Which is my loss for sure. In the last week I've taken the time to have some quiet meditation time, but admittedly mediation following yoga surpasses just meditation on its own. Probably because the exercise and breathing grounds you, not to mention fatigues your muscles so that they relax more fully during meditation.

I love down dog. The way it makes me stretch and move. And causes my head to feel like a bowling ball and not a brain at all. Just a big heavy mass of bone being pulled down by gravity. And for a few breaths it positions your heart above the grey matter. The heart becomes the dominate defender. A beautiful thing.

What's your preferred pose?



Bob said...

I can touch my toes with a bit of effort. Does that count as yoga?

Smarts said...

LOL, Bob! There seems to be a name for everything in yoga... so I'm sure it counts!