Saturday, September 11, 2010

With Thanks

This week I had my grade 3 students start a Gratitude journal.  And they are so adorably on board that it makes my heart sing when I watch them concentrating on the things that they are thankful for and brings them joy.  To model the way I want their journals to look, I myself have been making a 5 part list on the board each day and leaving it there.

And really, it is the simple things in life that form the foundation of our happiness.  I'm thankful for breakfast and clean water to drink.  Hot showers.  Epsom salts for my bath.  A dash of cereal cream for my coffee.  A full tank of gas to get me to and fro.  Yoga pants.  Family.  Friends.  Comfortable shoes... there is an infinitely long list of things for which I am grateful.  And it feels good to think on these things.

 Fix your thoughts on what is true, 
and honorable, and right, and pure, 
and lovely, and admirable. 
Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.
Philippians 4:8

Last night, Laura and I went out for some girlfriend time.  And while we were together, talking and eating fat laden food and drinking blue martinis, I was so grateful for our time even as it was happening.  We've been the kind of friends that endure, that can make it through the rough patches, that randomly say "I love you" and mean it deeply.  

Her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers in the spring and has deteriorated quickly, recently having been hospitalized and now temporarily in a nursing home awaiting a permanent placement.  Nancy is only 62 years old and her life has been stolen.  She's trapped in times and places from long ago.  And her situation makes me both profoundly sad for my dear friend and her family as well as eternally grateful for the gift of life NOW.  A reminder to not squander it on things that don't matter.  To not let it be consumed without regard for what I want out of life. 

Someone asked me this summer what I want out of life.  I think I said something like I want more life.  I want to experience it fully.  I want to become in a sense transparent, so open to it all that it flows through me with an endless sense of joy and opening.  And I'm pretty close to that.  I am feeling and experiencing it at an increasing rate.  And gratitude just swings the door wider.  Sets a welcome mat for everything I want.  

Laura wanted to know what has changed with me.  She told me that I'm different since coming back from the summer away.  More like my old self.  More like the me she met too many years ago to count.  I smiled at her across the table.  Happy that she is keenly aware of all my subtleties.  And I have changed.  And am so grateful for my ever evolving spirit.

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joanne rose said...

so true it is the simple things that matter most. or perhaps they just seem simple because we really are so blessed with the consistent provision.

i love that you have brought the gratitude journal to the children, and that in turn they are helping us all to remember...