Sunday, September 19, 2010


In the last month I can see that I've opened up to new energy currents.  I've know for some time that they were there, waiting in the wing, but it was as though they waited on the other side of a divide I had no access to cross.  Until recently.  I'm sure that in some capacity I will be blogging about it often in the months to come.  At the very least eluding to the ways I feel these new energies changing me and the possibilities that are coming into view.

For some time my 5th chakra, the throat chakra has been giving me grief.  Late in the summer, just before returning back to Alberta from summer holidays, I went to see an intuitive channeler.  Apart from my name and birth date (information given to her by my aunt prior to my visit), we had never met and she knew nothing of me.  To my great pleasure the first thing she spoke of (within 60 seconds of my reading) was a need to open around and in the throat.

She told me that the 5th chakra is seeking to expand my voice box to grow.  And as my soul essence works and blends with my human self, its focus is the throat and that I have been reflected in my language more than I have been realizing in my life up until now.  As I thought about the types of writing you are prone to find here in my little blog, I decided that she was/is exactly right.  My written language especially, finds expression in things here that I have not made space for in daily life.  They make up my interior landscape but are yet to be seen on the outer.

Since returning I've given a great deal of contemplation to this chakra.  (Among a host of other things!)  And realized that part of opening up would require a new direction of truth.  I'll just say that it is a truth I've feared for so long I've stopped counting the years.  When I got home, it was as though it was impossible to keep up such facades any longer.  In fact, maintaining the status-quo was causing me physical illness.

My beliefs in the mind/body connection are strong.  And truth, has this way of finding its own platform to be heard on.  I know that it is directly linked to the many coincidences and synchonicities that have been sliding in and out of my vision lately.  One being these energy currents that are at work on my behalf and effortlessly moving me forward.

I feel a gratification for these present moments and the future.  And it is stemming straight out of truth-telling and the wondrous joyfulness that floods your heart when you let go of fear and do the thing your higher self has been pestering you to do.

This amazing intuitive woman whispered many things about myself to me.  This is just one small piece of the package she gifted me with.  But what I learned most importantly from the experience is that my own intuition is sound and strong and I need to give serious credence to this aspect of me!   It is incredibly freeing to think about the future with knowledge of all of the guides and energies that are available to me and working on my behalf to direct my path.


Lyn said...

What an interesting, affirming experience for you. I think you are on your way to living your authentic self. Sending you light and love.

Shelley said...

what a wonderful gift! i'm filled with anticipation for you. i really admire your ability to be so intuitive with yourself, moderating your mind/body connection so well.

i know very little about chakras - its an area i'm curious about but has been on the back burner for some time. thanks for reminding me that i need to get to the library!

(i've got a lot going on in my abdominal region... really curious what that could mean).

Smarts said...

Hello Fabulous Ladies! Thank you Lyn, I will gratefully soak up all the light and love you send my way!

Shelley, I have an incredibly intuitive aunt who has been schooling me. It is not difficult to learn, you just have to listen. A google search will give you a great start on what you want to know. You've given me a great idea on a future post. :)

Love to you both! Thanks for coming to visit! xo

joanne said...


such a simple word, isn't it?

deceptively simple...

it's so much easier to do the talking than it is to listen, mostly because we'd rather talk ourselves into something that in the moment seems easier, more comfortable...snoozing away and making enough noise that we can no longer even hear the whispers of our higher self...

yay for you for opening up and being willing to listen...

big yay for you :)

and big hugs too