Thursday, September 23, 2010


Life is chalked full of interesting possibilities and coincidences.  And it seems once you start moving in the direction of some of those possibilities, coincidences start piling up like your favorite ice cream flavors on a homemade waffle cone!

Be completely in love with your life.  Recognize the parts that bring you joy and name them.  Say them out loud with a grateful heart.  Find within them the energy that heals you.

Don't expect it to be easy.  In the thing you want the most (it's obviously not easy or you'd already have it to enjoy now) you have to open yourself up to receiving.  This takes courage.

Whenever I'm in a yoga pose I find especially challenging, I try to find that spot where I can let it be easy, the place where I love the pose so much that my body cooperates and surrenders. Usually I find it in the breath, the moment I decide to just be and allow the world to swallow me up with its beauty.


Lyn said...

Words of wisdom Angela. Lovely, calming words that are dead on. I know exactly what you mean about letting yourself "be" and losing yourself in the moment. I think you are in a good place and I agree --- it takes courage. Be a warrior for your life.

Smarts said...

Thank you, Lyn! ((((big hugs))))

Shelley said...

i really love this. i don't even know what more to say about it, except that i want to print this post out and frame it and stick it on my wall... on all my walls.

would you give me your permission to re-post this (with credit to you, of course!)on my blog?

Smarts said...

Shelley, I would be honored! Thank you! ((((heart))))