Saturday, September 04, 2010


Love.  Have you thought much about the way it is at play in your life?  Or are you too busy to give it even a fleeting moment of your time?

Perhaps I have been pondering on the subject too much of late, but deep down I doubt that is possible.  Because love should be the very foundation of what we are achieving in this go around the sun.  The Oracle at which we bow down and give thanks.  The creative force that moves us forward on every level of our being.  The platform for change and acceptance and the betterment of ourselves.

One thing I am certain of is that we don't have enough words for love in the English language.  Love, in my opinion, is not a one-size-fits-all word.  Because it can and should mean so many different things, we need more than just one word to describe such varying relationships in our lives.  It seems the best we can do right now is interchange like and lust.  But still, those just don't seem good enough.

When I'm open, I'm in love.  So to me, opening is a substitution word that holds equivalent power.  When I'm open, I allow.  So allowing is also love.  Allowing is my choosing.  Allowing is me opening the door of who I am.  Allowing is an invitation to you from the very depths of me.  And if we are in the right time and place, perhaps you and I, under a spell of magic, will be opening and allowing to each other ~ the intimate touching of souls, a deep expression of all that love is and represents.

But we still need more words.  Because sometimes I will want to open as a friend and other times as a lover.  My "love you's" are expressions of me, not you.  You must choose and allow your own "love you's" to be heard and understood in a language that matches the feelings of your own heart.  Perhaps I will love you like I love my favorite sweater, or movie, or best friend.  Or maybe, I will love you in ways I have yet to even know love myself.

To live in a state of love, is to be in this moment.  I cannot choose my love for tomorrow.  And although I can still feel the reverberations of yesterday's love, it needs to be continually fed.  So you need to learn to feed it yourself.  So self-care and feel your own love when it doesn't come freely from those around you.  In fact, feed it within yourself even when it does come freely from others.  Find it in the gratitude you have of every lovely and beautiful thing that moves in and out of the boundary of your life.  And let those boundaries expand.   Allow them to move out and over different kinds of terrain.  Bring your appreciation into finding the goodness of all things.  See the perfection of our imperfections.  Strengthen your heart.  Meditate on its rhythm.  Feel it beat inside your chest as you tune out the distractions of the world. Breathe yourself with the harmony of all things that bring joy and peace.  This too is love.  This too is love.  

I just came back from the most incredible summer of experiencing many different types and capacities of love.    And more profound than the experience, the observation of such.  To know that as I felt, I also had knowledge of the feelings.  Love is a feeling.  A feeling that shakes the branches of our proverbial tree.  Causes the leaves to reach heavenward and the roots to grow strong and deep in the earth.  Stretches us out in all directions.  And brings about such lovely fragrant ripened fruit, that our desire is to share and give to those that mingle in our orchard.

Sharing my love with you.  On this day.

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Reflection said...

Love is the most powerful form of energy/force around us. its a Healing remedy for the wends of spirit and emotional pain. Its the most powerful bound btw man and God.

I have been thinking about it for years, and still i feel i haven't understood half of what love is.