Friday, November 12, 2010

Your Avatar and Spiritual Self

So my question today is... Who is controlling you?

We all go about our lives doing more or less the same kind of activities ~ we all have bodily functions that require attending (eat, sleep), we all need to work (create a means to provide for ourselves), we are all looking for love and friendship.  And within each of these bounds range the extremes ~ those who have everything and those who have nothing.

Lack in any of these areas is a form of dis-ease.  When our bodies don't perform properly we have compromised health.  When our work is disrupted or cut off, our families fall into poverty and disharmony.  Without love and friendship, life loses its meaning and we become depressed.  It is easy to feel like we must protect and cling on to any provisions we've been able to secure.  Our mentality starts to whisper over and over that once we attain it, then we fear we will lose it.

Far too many people are living from this place of fear.  Why?  Because they see themselves as the only one in control.  They take on personal responsibility for securing all areas of their well-being.  They keep too many balls in the air, and suffocate themselves under the weight of their own self-imposed responsibility.

So how do you free yourself and live fear-less-ly?

First of all, recognize that everything in your life flows from your spiritual self.  Even if you don't define yourself as a spiritual person, your ability to give and receive and interact with others in the world comes from a spiritual/universal place.  How these qualities manifest in your physical life determines how your life unfolds.

Think of your physical self as your avatar.  Now realize that it is yours spiritual self that drives this avatar.  Your physical self is merely performing the duties of your own mind, which if you dig a little deeper you'll soon realize is a local connection to the cosmos that births us all.  We have this false sense of independence.

Once we acknowledge that we are a local incarnation of the universal mind, we can accept the presence and peace of being cared for.  This should give us courage.  This should strengthen our spiritual self.  This should open us up to knowing that everything we need is already before us.  We may have to fine tune our receptive frequency to attain it, but it is there.

So, to the question... Who is controlling you?  Only you can answer that.  But remember, your physical self is motivated from your spiritual self.  Once you start getting a handle on that, all things become possible.

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