Sunday, October 03, 2010

Going Back in Time

I was in the tub, thinking about synchodestiny... because that's what everyone thinks about while having a hot soak, right!?  When a fleeting picture of us as kids reeled through my mind.  I was about 7 or maybe 8 and wearing a white cotton dress.  It was a beautiful summer's day and the sky was blue.  We were running through a field, you pulling me along by the hand.  I was laughing out loud and it was slowing us down.  You looked back at me and beamed with delight.  The wind seemed to be blowing just strong enough to keep my long blonde hair out of my face.  We saw each other so clearly, like we spent our lives looking for the adventure in each day.

And I know it was you.  Were we sharing in some secret plan?  Or perhaps we had just played a prank and were running away before they found out what we had done?  Whatever the case may be, I was exuberantly joyful.  Finding myself, even now, please to have shared in such high spirits.

Most curiously, I can't help but wonder which of our lifetimes together this was?  I know for certain it is not from this one.  For we have yet to begin this time around.

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