Friday, October 22, 2010


It is a grey day here in the north.  The air still.  There are just a handful of leaves that remain on one of the poplars in the backyard.  They're hanging straight down, like they are frozen in place and you'd have to pry them with some hard metal object to make them move.  Everything is whitish, looks and feels like snow is about to cover us up in a blanket.

I have a couple of appointments today, so I'm home from school.  And tomorrow night I am hosting a 40th birthday party for Jeremy. I know once I get going on my to-do list it will be a full day!  I guess I will keep savouring this coffee for a bit longer.

There are two places I wish to share with you today:  My friend George Breed's Zen Baptist blog and my favorite photographer Dave Brosha.

First, George.  I've been following him online for a long time.  As long as I've been blogging, so since about 2004 I guess.  In the world of the internet that is an eternity!  And George is always meta-morphing, although he would prefer you call it meat-morphing.  He reminds me to see the world in new ways.  To examine and change these superficial belief systems we hold on to.  On a deep level that I don't always have words for, he refreshes me at a soul level.  Thank you, George!  Next year when I'm on sabbatical (sounds so decadent when in fact I'm running away for a year without pay) I may take a road trip to where he lives and stalk him in person. Be warned!

And for more soulful good stuff check out Dave Brosha.  God how I love his work!  I briefly got to meet him in September when I made a quick trip to Yellowknife.  I am inspired by his creative eye.   Especially his interpretation of the north.  If you like his work and are on facebook you can "like" him and get almost daily updates of his latest photo shoots.  It triggers something really good inside of me to see someone doing what they love and sharing that gift with the world!

Take care my friends.  The weekend is on its way!


Rob said...

George is a character!

bein good to me said...

Wow those photos are incredible! He captures the sky and his subject's eyes so beautifully (along with the rest of the photo, of course, but those two things are what really got me in his work). Photography is something that I have been dying to get more into and I appreciate the reminder. Thank you for sharing!