Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today is a milestone birthday for me. I'm 35. And I just might be the most content I've ever been in my life thus far. Nothing is perfect and that is the charm of it all.

I have found ME. Stripped down. A few pounds heavier. A bit wrinkled around the eyes. But all me. A very sweet place to move forward from, indeed!


coolmonty said...

Ange Happy B-day as we share that same day. Thanks for your post and don't think you are that old think of it as more mature!
Cheers, hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

It was great to get your email today.
I shall visit you from time to time.
Lots of love to you...Rob (Mmmmm)

Smarts said...

Happy B-Day to you Colin. I forgot we shared the same day. Hope it was a great one for you.

PS. I dislike the thought of you becoming more mature!


Smarts said...

((((Rob))), I will look forward to your visits. If you feel a post coming on, please do so in my comments!


Ms Dare2dv8 said...

Hello Beautiful (snots! but the good kind!)

I hope this year unlocks secrets and takes you on a beautiful journey that changes day to day :)

love you

Bridget said...

Happy belated Birthday, beautiful.