Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Dream

I just got back from spending Christmas in Las Vegas. The highlight was definitely the Franco Dragone production of Le Reve. Le Reve is french for 'the dream' and I was very curious to know the interpretation this would take. How exactly does one intimate a dream?
Like a dream it made no sense and perfect sense, which of course is the ipitomy of dreaming. Monsters that lurk in our imaginations, loves realized and loves lost, inarticulate ambitions and fears that both grow and diminish when we close our eyes. A cast of characters, able to move in an effortless anti-gravity merging of air, water, wind and fire. It presented that rare inspiration that begs you to take stock of your dreams and wonder which is real, the waking or the sleeping.
In a few minutes the clock will be turning over a new year. I have many questions about this life. How it is that I came to live this exact path... I'm not certain if it is the culmination of right choices or wrong ones. At times it brings me joy but admittedly a sense of unresolve shadows my way. Is there a parallel being lived out and 'it' is the fulfilment and expression of my spiritual and physical self that just can't quite be freed in the here and now? Like a dream, it is clarity and ambiguity. Just as I find the door, I awake or fall into slumber. My resolve is to meld my nights into my days and live in an awakened dream. Vaguely aware of what goes bump in the night and bringing to center stage the beauty and power of imaginations realized and transformed.
"Le Reve is about us, about a world that's imperfect but beautiful in its imperfections." Franco Dragone


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It is you ms.d that is beautiful. xoxo

Rob said...

"How it is that I came to live this exact path... I'm not certain if it is the culmination of right choices or wrong ones."

I have been thinking about this of life is full of missed chances but also lucky escapes....the road not taken for whatever reason. I suspect there is method in the apparent chaos of these twists of fate.

Concerning dreams and reality there is an interesting story about a King who dreamt he was a beggar.
When he awoke he asked a sage, "Which is real, am I a King or a beggar?".
The sage replied, "Neither, both are a dream."

Incidentally on one occasion my spiritual teacher said, "What does a dream mean? A dream means you have been asleep. Wake up!"