Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Do you have a favorite musician, band, etc?

Without a doubt mine is Blue Rodeo. Has been for years. I can guarantee that at any one time I have at least one of their cds in my car deck and usually 2. It seems virtually impossible for me to experience listening fatigue when it comes to these guys. Whenever I hear "5 Days in May" I make everyone stop talking and listen. I lovingly refer to it as my codependent music. Somehow it triggers that thing in me, that thing that lets you know that we are all fucked up in our own way, and despite this, there is still hope for us all, even when it doesn't work out how we imagined.

I can tell you that it started in 1987 in a rec hall fifteen minutes from where I grew up, at a weekend dance. His name was Robbie, he had the most beautiful olive complexion and hazel eyes that were slightly green around the outer edge of the iris. His hair was brown and he was wearing bleached Levi's and a yellow polo shirt. He was 17 and I was giddy at being asked to dance with this older boy. We slow danced to "Try" and when it was over he kissed me. For days afterward I found myself catching my breath and replaying the melody in my head.

Don't tell me I'm wrong
Cause I've been watching every move that you make.
Hearts you steal in your make-up and heels
trouble for the man that you take.
Every time you walk in the room
I could never be sure of a smile
You were never the same way twice.
I'm falling in love Oh night after night.....
and its CRAZZ-ya-zzy.
Even now, I think of him in the music and smile.
As I've aged, so has the band. Lyrically and melodically we fit. I am moved by their style and their words. It is a bit forlorn, sometimes dark, often conflicted and always brilliant.
They met in a hurricane
standing in the shelter out of the rain
She tucked a note into his hand
later on they took his car
drove down on where the beaches are
He wrote her name in the sand
Never even let go of her hand
Somehow they stayed that way
for those five days in may
made all the stars around them shine
funny how you can look in vain
living on nerves and such sweet pain
loneliness that cuts so fine
find the face you've seen a thousand times
sometimes the world begins
to set you up on your feet again
and i know it wipes the tears from your eyes
how will you ever know the way that circumstances go
it's gonna hit you by surprise
But i know my past and you were there
in everything i've done
you are the one...
~5 Days in May


Bridget said...

Aw, I love this post. You descriptions of that dance so many years ago was sweet. Funny, I know the song 'Five days in May' well because my birthday is on May 5 and it always made me smile, though you're right, forlorn is a good choice for what it is.
I love music. All kinds. I use it for catharthis, different kinds for my different moods. It's a release.

Smarts said...

Hi Bridge. I too love music, all kinds. I'm sure if someone checked out my cd library they would think me insane. I particularly love Canadian music - we are blessed with a broad range of stellar singer/songwriters.

Merry Christmas to you and your brood. Sending happy thoughts your way.


Rob said...

I have never heard of Blue Rodeo.
My favourite pop band is the Incredible String Band. They performed psychedelic, hippy type folk music. I have never got bored with them.

Smarts said...

Hi Rob, the Incredible String Band sounds interesting for certain. I would love to hear what that sounds like. I find it awkward to describe music, especially when one can just listen to it and enjoy and or evaluate on several sensory levels.

Merry Christmas Rob.