Monday, December 04, 2006

5 Things

Rob has nominated me to tell you 5 things you might not know (or even care to) know about me. . .

1. In grade 9 my cousin Darron and I won a canoe race and were given tshirts for entering. 19 years later I am still wearing that shirt to bed - sexy. It shows its age.

2. I have polar dipped naked in the Pacific Ocean.

3. I was once hired to do tree growth surveys in a rainforest (nasty work). Instead, I found a tree stump, climbed up on it and stayed there for the rest of the day. Remarkably I was not asked to go back.

4. I have stood in an old growth Spruce grove in a remote coastal area of British Columbia, accessible only by helicopter. It felt like wonderland.

5. I really like to laugh.

And the new nominations go to...
Ms. Saltwater Princess, Ms.D, and Terri.

Hope you have fun with it girls. Its harder than you'd think.


Thanks for the fun Rob.


Rob said...

Thanks for responding with this. What comes across to me is a deep communion with nature.

Bridget said...

Ditto what Rob said-most of your answers show a serious nature-lover! Thanks for the tag, I'm still thinking. :)

Fenn said...

wow, i totally need to catch up. you're living in alberta now? where the hell have i been???!!! email me sometime
take care!!!