Sunday, February 06, 2011

Go Boldly

The benefit of time is that it allows us to experience and experiment with the facets life has in its learning library.  If you pay attention you can draw conclusions for yourself that at first might not seem obvious.  But the key is that you must stay mindful.  You must bring body-mind-spirit attention to the nuances that are playing out in, through and around you.

Try thinking of your lifetime as an opportunity to interact and be the instigator of an array of ideas and ventures.  When you take on this paradigm the world opens up wide to the desires of your heart.  In essence you cannot fail.  You'll become a data interpreter for your own unique existence!  There are things that will work and things that won't work out so well.  This is not to say that you throw common sense to the wind, you will still want to pursue life with your intelligence acting as a compass, but you will tune out more of the herd noise and seek life on your own terms.

For me, detachment has probably been the most important skill that I have been learning in this lifetime.  I can see how moving into mastery of this is helping me to pursue new directions.  Detachment doesn't mean you don't care but instead that you are not married to the outcome of any particular event.  You can just let life move and happen without having to have it a certain way, remembering that every decision you make moves the compass hand of experience.

Your beliefs about yourself are also powerfully important.  Allow your beliefs to change.  See yourself as a positive force in the world.  Seek to better everything you touch.  Think outside the box.  Although everything that is within your possession is in some way a manifestation and reflection of you, dare to change the rules!  Refuse to let the things that support your comfort dictate the principles by which you live.  Life is a dynamic process, your thoughts from 20 years ago shouldn't necessarily be what you are building your life around today.  Growth means change, which means allowing what you've learned to become a part of the unfolding.


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Anonymous said...

What a great post with so much wisdom inside! I especially love the last few sentences, so spot on.