Saturday, February 05, 2011

Thought to Action

It is not enough to just think that you want something.  You must want it enough that it moves you to action toward its attainment.  If you cannot bring yourself to physically move in the direction of what it is you think you want, you really need to re-evaluate how you see that particular circumstance manifesting in your life.

We can see another's lack of discipline so easily.  We roll our eyes when they say that are going to do a particular thing.  We don't believe that they will be able to carry through to the place where commitment finally leads to success.  Why?  Because they have not outwardly flexed their muscle of perseverance.  When the chips are down, so are they.  Is this where you see yourself?

Everything you take on and have goals around succeeding at is going to require work.  It is true that all tangible things are birthed in thought but until those seeds meet the refining fire of discipline and determination there can be no expectation of change.  Natural talent has its reward but in some cases serves only to make the talented lazy ~ not willing to move beyond what has always come easy.

Beyond anything else, discipline can change your life.  We all dream.  We can all imagine utopia.  We all have passion.  If you want people to take you seriously ... stop taking about it and start doing it.


Lyn said...

Here, here! Well said Angela. And I suspect that you are doing just that!

Smarts said...

Taking no prisoners, Lyn! ;)