Saturday, June 05, 2010

Today I'll Just Enjoy the Pictures

t is raining today. As a general rule we don't get a lot of rain in Alberta and I'm sure there are many farmers grateful for this. However, I personally can't wait for the sun to return. We've enjoyed some lovely days in the high 20's but have yet to hit that +30 mark. Bring it on! Just not today, I guess.
Last year Jeremy spent some time tearing apart and rebuilding the hideous deck a couple of drunk guys put together over beer breaks (not joking here) hired by our house contractor. This year I went to our local greenhouse early and am thrilled with the hanging baskets I was able to get.


joanne said...

what a beautiful, peaceful place to sit and catch up with yourself...

Lyn said...

I agree with Joanne. You have created a wonderful serene place and a cool deck from which you can kick back and watch summer roll by - hopefully with something cool and refreshing in your hands.