Thursday, June 03, 2010

No Reason I Can Think Of.

I'm feeling a little low and lost tonight and not sure why. Do you ever get that way? How it just seems to permeate through your bones, a bit of melancholy that whispers to you and makes you doubt all kinds of things? It is nothing that I can quite put into words, just an uncertain feeling that won't go away but suggests that things aren't quite right in the world. My eyes have that puffy tired feel, as though I just had a good cry but without the cry.

Laura asked me tonight after school if everything was okay. "I think so" I said. "You know when you can't quite decide if what you're going through is real or imagined, that's kinda me right now." And Laura in her candid style says back to me... "You just gotta be that person who doesn't give a shit! Too bad it takes so long to get to that point. But when you do, away goes the stress!"

Life is better with a friend like that. :)


Lyn said...

Ahh ... you're in one of those spaces; the place that is the lull between contentment and dissatifaction. It seems as though we all have to make a stop here from time to time ... a place of emotional neutrality that is both baffling and disconcerting. I find that if you just go with it (and seems you did), and release it, you will find yourself buoyant once again. The law of nature ... the pendulum will eventually swing back the other way after a brief pause. Hope you are looking forward to a fun summer ahead!

Bob said...

I'm a bit out of sorts today too. Like you I'm not exactly sure why.

I think it's good that you can recognise your feelings so clearly.

Smarts said...

Thanks for the kind words, Lyn and Bob.

Bob, I hope your out of sorts passes quickly. (((hugs)))

shellbell said...

amen for great friends who see us through! i hope you're feeling better.

i wanted to let you know that even though i'm not blogging at chapped lips and all anymore that i am keeping my blogger profile so i can stay in touch and keep following all my lovely blogger friends :)

i have started a new blog over at wordpress though. it's going to be different from what i was doing at chapped lips, and wordpress is a little wonky, but i'm gonna give it a go. i have chosen a few of my favourite blogger blogs to link on my blogroll over there and yours is one of them, i hope you don't mind :) if you ever want to stop by, it's