Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get the Crazy Out!

Ahhh, that elusive sleep has found me at last! And I can't even begin to tell you how good it is to befriend her again. It would seem that all of the crazy ass things I've been doing over the past weeks has paid nocturnal dividends!

The exercise has been great. I'm still meeting with my personal trainer (sounds decadent every time I say it) twice a week and allow her to put the smack down on me! Good news... last night I did 3 consecutive push ups FROM MY FEET! You mighn't think that is very exciting but given that it has taken me 7 weeks to get here, it's pretty damn exciting to me. :)

On a not so inspiring note, my diet has more or less gone to shit. Maybe I'll work on that next week.

I can't help but think the best thing I've done is to reintroduce progesterone back into my system. I need to pay attention to the warning signs of being low ~ insomnia and being on a continual adrenaline rush are key indicators for me. It is like someone has calmed the waters and shot me with a tranquilizer dart. :) More welcome than you could know!!!


Lyn said...

Angela, 3 pushups?? Awesome! I still do the girlie version and I am not sure how many real pushups I could do. I'll try later and let you know. Celebrate the progress you are making. You are inspiring me to get back on track -- again.

And how do I thank you for your generosity once again Angela? I gave you props on my Africa Calling blog. You are one special lady! Love ya!

Bob said...

What are you up to?

You haven't posted for a while.

I've eaten too much this week too.

Oh well. :(