Thursday, April 29, 2010

Giving & Receiving

This week for me, has been all about asking and receiving. And as I'm sitting here on the edge of the weekend it struck me just how difficult it has been ~ even though my asking has led to much receiving.

Husband is away on a timber framing course (construction) in the southern Rockies. He's a carpentry hobbyist and this is a personal course he's been wanting to do for a long time. So on the one hand, while I'm very happy that he is pursuing his interests, it has left me at home with my feet as my only mode of transportation. Well, my feet and the kindness of friends.

I do miss him but even more I think I miss the freedom of mobility to which I am accustomed. Can't say that I have enjoyed being in a position of having to ask for and rely on other people. It has left me feeling trapped and a bit frustrated.

So that little verse that says... better to give than receive... I'm not so sure. Giving is a power position. It is easy to control what you give and who you give it to. Asking on the other hand puts you in a place of vulnerability, trusting in the universe to provide for your needs. So I will concede that it is easier to give but I've learned more this week in receiving.


Bob said...

I agree whole-heartedly that it's easier to give than receive.

I have read somewhere that one makes friends more quickly by asking small favours than by offering them something.

(Incidentally I'm slightly amused that you miss your husband less than you miss the freedom of mobility. I presume he doesn't read here!)

Smarts said...

:) you are too astute, Bob! In my defense... (now I'm amused) I'm used to him being away for work and in the summers we are rarely together ~ I'm not used to being so dependent.