Thursday, December 03, 2009

Days that Change You

Are you able to recall a particular day when your life changed? Was it a thought from within that made it happen or something external? Do you believe it is possible that your life can be changed by a single thought, and from the point of thinking that thought, everything can/is different?

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I recalled vividly a day 4 years ago. I was 33. We were living in Halifax. I was standing at the kitchen sink looking out into the back yard. I never enjoyed living in Halifax, not sure why, it just seemed as though it was the wrong time/wrong place for me. I could never find my groove, never made good friends and was bitter about the whole thing. It felt like I was withering in a wasteland of my own undoing.

And then in an instant this...
women over 40 do fabulous things with their lives, it is not too late.
The idea that 40 could be the beginning and 33 not the end, had an impact. It was a turning point that filled me such hope and openness for the future. It helped me to forgive myself for all the screw-ups, wrong turns and wasted days up until that day. Since, I have surely and steadily been rebuilding. It is amazing that half a second, overlooking the backyard can change your destiny, but it can.

As of today, I am 2 years 5 months away from 4 decades of living. I marvel at what I've accomplished since that day. I'm a renewed person, pursuing a life I'm proud of. Remarkably, I've stopped asking why and replaced it with how do I get better, go further, be more of who I'm meant to be?

So I guess, Halifax and all those prior screw-ups had their place. There really are no mistakes, just an abundance of opportunities to learn and change!

What is your moment of change? Have you had it yet or are you in need?



Lyn said...

You hit the nail on the head ... never too late is right. The future starts today and the wonderful thing is that at any exact moment in time we can choose a different path - a different future - all of our own choosing and creation. I am months away from my 50th and I have this incredible sensation of something wonderful is about to happen. I love it! And I love your attitude. You go girl!

Anneke said...

Hi Angela, what you call screwups are indeed just steps along the path. You can learn from every experience :-), I think it is just up to the individual to realize that and draw benefits. I am happy that you are happier in your current place in life. Forty is only the beginning, you are just getting going ... :-).

Smarts said...

Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration, girls! I'm not wishing my time away, life is now! and it just keeps getting more fabulous!

the gardeners cottage said...

Hi Angela,

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I guess we are just lucky today. Thanks for your generous comment re my living room. I'm off the explore your writings!