Tuesday, February 24, 2009

conquered - day 4 that is

So much better today. I drug my butt out of bed at the regular time - about 7:20 and sat in a semi-conscious state for half an hour nursing a coffee and chatting with husband. This is definitely the way I am meant to ease myself into the world each day. Screw running!

Tonight I opted to watch Oprah while getting in my 400 cals. It was an okay choice but I do prefer listening to music. I find there is a lot less clock watching and more actual enjoyment of the exercising this way - music makes it feel more like dancing and along with that comes a freedom of spirit that is quite nice indeed. Somehow it feels more like reaching for greater things rather than pushing myself to perform. I'd rather reach.

time on t-mill: 40:00

distance travelled: 2.955 miles or 4.728km

calories burned: 405.6

avg cal/min: 10.14

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rob said...

Exercising first thing is not such a good idea....see my latest post on body clocks! It's better to exercise after 2pm apparently.