Sunday, February 22, 2009

challenge 1 - day 1 & 2

So I got a jump start on the treadmill challenge. I was in the mood yesterday and thought I should strike while the iron was hot (I wonder where that expression came from?).

Day 1 (Saturday)

Putting in the 400 calories was easier than I expected. For the most part I jogged at about 5 miles/hour. Apparently yoga has done a good job of expanding my lungs as the burning I was anticipating never happened - a pleasant surprise indeed. I accompanied my time by listening to some vintage 90's Savage Garden - which I might add ended up being excellent aerobic workout music.

Here is how it played out...

Time on t-mill: 40:16

Calories burned: 400.0

Distance gone: 2.789 miles or 4.46 km

Avg cal/min: 9.93

Day 2 (Sunday)

Today's run was great! This whole thing has given me an excuse to go through old cds - dance hits of 2001 was the flavour of the day. Not quite as good as Savage Garden but kept me moving none-the-less. I have heard that running to music is better than watching t.v. and exercising - this is probably true, especially if you really like the music and can sing along. Many times I found myself moving in rhythm with an entangled stride. Generally speaking, I talk myself out of running in favor of walking instead. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was seeking to burn 400 calories in the least amount of time possible(!) but whatever it was I certainly enjoyed the run.

Once again I didn't not experience any uncomfortable lung burn or side stitches. I really thought both would happen. Tonight however, my inner thighs are feeling some lactic acid soreness - I'm wondering if it will prove problematic for tomorrow.

Time on t-mill: 40:00

Calories burned: 414.3

Distance traveled: 2.900 miles or 4.64 km

Avg cal/min: 10.36


George Breed said...

"The image is from a blacksmith’s shop; the smith can shape iron only by striking it with his hammer when it is red hot."

George Breed said...

Of course it could also be a curling iron for hair, or a hot iron for clothes, or to go on strike in a steel mill while the iron for making the steel is molten thus putting greater pressure on management, or to use your flint to create a readier spark when the struck iron is hot. But what do I know?

Smarts said...

What do you know... quite a freakin' bit in my book! Thanks for the info. :-)