Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Waning & Waxing

Most days I take my evaluations of the world a little too serious. I'm certain that global warming will change the course of all of our lives very drastically over the next 30-50 years. What gw (here i am refering to global warming not george w.) doesn't alter, technology most certainly will. My cynical self poses the query of 'what the fuck?' And internally I wonder what today will really have to do with tomorrow.

I'm a reasonably responsible adult. I do the things the big bank commercials have subliminally trained me to do. I have a mortgage. I save for retirement. I have great credit. In return the banks salaciously seduce me with carrots on sticks of promises for future greatness and financial success.

Meanwhile. I am just me. And I think 95% of all this is bullshit. We are gullible pawns. I mean really, what difference would it make if I had bad credit? Maybe. Especially if I buy into the world ideal that things make me happy happy happy.

But that leaves me with a more encompassing problem. I don't buy into the ideology. And this leaves me constantly questioning why I live as though I do!

PS. I am not opposed to people being shiny. But shiny all the time is just annoying.

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