Wednesday, February 21, 2007

May 31, 2006 - journal entry

I recall a neighbor once say that she inteded to grow where she was planted. For her, this meant making the best of her life - a recent divorcee and empty nester with more or less a menial job. When she spoke the words it was with such faith and contentment. For a time, I too strove to flower, where I too was planted, right next door.

Since that time, ten years give or take a day, I've been in and out of season many times. I've weathered climate change, soil conditions and varying amounts of rain. In my own way, I've grown wherever I've been planted, just not always in a rosey well manicured garden kind of way.

I have a new neighbor now and I notice a diffence between my garden and hers. She understands plants and their unique needs. She's nurturing but not necessarily patient. She gives thought to the surrounding plants, their height and color and overall feeling she is trying to achieve.

Sometimes we get planted in the wrong spot - and need to be moved!


Rob said...

The last sentence in particular rings true...and often one can only see the need to be moved in retrospect.

terri said...

what an o-so-perfect metaphor!