Monday, January 03, 2011


Everywhere I turn, people are setting goals and extolling their resolutions.  Astrologically, today (Jan 3) due to Jupiter and Uranus being in a triple conjunction (true I don't really know what any of that means), it is apparently the best day of the year to set out the goals you desire to accomplish in 2011.

I don't really have goals for this year yet.  Ideas, yes.  Goals in and of themselves, No.

This past week I've had several premonitions and just before drifting off to sleep Thursday past, I was given some words that came to me so strongly I had to get out of bed and write them down.  Maybe these are just fanciful things, my active imagination ~ oh I do hope so!  As one of many things I wish to cultivate is my fanciful imagination.  And I suppose when it gets down to brass tacks, I want to explore this through writing and creativity of some sort or another.

As I move into this year, my eyes and my heart are open.   I'm determined to not be afraid but to pursue the very things that make me question whether or not I can!  Because I know I can, even if it feels uncomfortable for the first bit.  Last August when I went to see an Intuitive, she told me a part of me was hiding in the shadows and that it is time to free her.  I've been thinking about this blonde haired, blue eyed girl that stares at the floor, her hands tangled in a shimmery satin ivory dress.  One of my quests is to help her come join the party that's happening just around the corner.  It constricts my chest a little bit, makes me feel like I'm talking myself down off a ledge where she is concerned. Perhaps what we all fear most is the challenge to make the most of ourselves.  What else is there in this life?

I am confident that my life's experience is unfolding as it is intended for me.  I was born under a special cosmic sky and there are bridges to be crossed and crosses to bear.  There is also beauty and joy to enter into, to be soaked up like sun and rain in equal measures.  I want to receive all it has to offer with graciousness and gratitude.

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