Friday, November 06, 2009


November is one of my favorite months in the north. Everything starts to freeze up in November. This part of the earth slows down, goes deep. Snow gets crunchy beneath your feet. The night wraps you in a blanket which is strangely comforting after the length of summer days that are yet to be forgotten.

The trees are naked now and most days they are covered in a thick layer of ice frost that cloaks every branch. During the day, the sun lights them up, highlighting every crystal against a clear blue sky. At night, the street lights cast them in pure silver radiance, illuminating them against the indigo black of the north sky.

There are people in my life who think I'm a little insane for being here, even by Canadian standards I'm living in the far north! And I just think that this is in some earnest way my very own holy grail ~ something so few get to experience, I might as well enjoy it while I'm here. There is beauty every where you go, some places just aren't as obvious to the masses. There are moments when I wish I was closer, yet even as I write this, I smile and wonder... closer to what? The heart doesn't really know distance, the heart only knows how to beat and to love ~ and I am learning that neither time nor physicality are barriers to the places and people I love ~ their spirits continue to move and jive with mine. Frequently, they feel like they are in the room when I take a few minutes to just sit and breathe.

The north is teaching me the great lesson of now. Of time. Of everything and nothing. All of which I am.


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joanne said...

there is this part of me that loves to soak in these kinds of descriptions... i could not live in a place that is more opposite... with so much sunshine all year around the weather and seasons don't always cooperate with all of my internal stirrings and moods, etc... as if it would be so incredibly wonderful to have a month or so where i could just hunker in my art room to write and create and see what the bitter cold outside would stir in me...

then again... we do dream of what we don't have, don't we?...we seem to think we need to be closer to this or that, or if we only get to this place or that place, THEN we could make things happen... it is often described as a restlessness, it is what defines our seeking... but really, it all does happen right here, right now... people we love are no further away from us than our own hearts and thoughts... i had a dream last night about a friend who recently passed away... as it turns out i was actually conducting her funeral in my dream... all morning long she has been with me in ways that are in fact more real to me now than they ever were when she was living... there is no way for any of us to be separate from one another no matter how hard we may try to separate ourselves... though we live in separate bodies and separate places, and have our own thoughts and experiences, there is always that "something"... call it a soul, call it eternal... call it the heart.. call it our humanity... call it a holy spirit... call it whatever... it is not bound by anything geographical or physical... it is this moment... and it is both everything and nothing in that same moment...

from your vantage i am further south... and i have lessons to learn as well... we all do :)