Thursday, October 22, 2009

My friend Joanne has my head spinning in mazes and labyrinth thoughts and thinking about courage. Always dangerous territory!


Windlost said...

Hello you! Thanks for your comment. Love your new blog look and new hair-do. I have not been around much reading blogs, and not writing much. Life is busy - work is busy - a new role, tons of responsibilities, not much time to "muse". Which has been partly good because it gets me out of my dreaming, haha. Lately I feel wholly practical and not dreamy at all. I still think too much, like you, but everything seems so clear lately, when I am just facing the world in a practical way. It almost is a nice break to not search so much and just DO.

Thought about you the other day and wondered how you are! Glad to see you are posting more - for a while there I thought you'd abandoned us!

Big hug, xo Terr

joanne said...

i am so so glad i clicked through to re-discover you and your thoughts... thank you for leaving me some breadcrumbs so i could be reminded to come back and immerse in the labyrinth i am always so enchanted to wind myself around when i visit here... and what do i find?... first thing a whole new look for your blog!... wow!... and a gorgeous you in your profile picture too ...

i already see so much to dive in to and think about ... i can already feel my soul stirring...


Smarts said...

Hey T, good to hear from you! I've decided to come back out of the wood-work and be a blogger again. Last year my class was very draining as I had 3 coded students and 2 more that fell in the special needs spectrum and a couple of behavior kids to top it off. I think I was just too tired to think of anything even remotely creative!

Your blog is awesome, and the attention it is getting is so fantastic! You should think about commercializing it! Check out, it is reported to be very good.

Clarity is good! I'm dreamy but also am experiencing great clarity at the moment! My mind is wholly on travel and where I'm going next. Planning to spend a month in Europe next summer. Want to join? :-)

Big hugs to you as well! Love A

Smarts said...

Joanne, I think you write better comments than I do blogs! So glad you stopped by, I've bookmarked you so I can keep up on your daily sparks of genius. :-)

Funny, these days all I want to do is read and blog. I'm enjoying these creative moments to the fullest!

PS ~ Pictures are all about the lighting! ;-) But hey, that's what the movie stars do, right?!