Tuesday, July 10, 2007



terri said...

hey, i recognize that stoop. fond memories. wish we were both right there right now. i think if we weren't afraid and really didn't think about feeling judged, we would discover we are SO similar and have felt so many similar things and are in such a similar place, even now. I can sense it. you are not alone. i read a good quote the other day. it said "what would i do if i weren't afraid?"

Smarts said...

I wish you were here too. I wish in general we were in closer physical proximity to give grown-up friendship a real go at thirty something! I sense it would be even better than before.


Smarts said...

btw, it was very lovely to see your mom. she looks very well and we had a nice (although too brief) chat. it appears that we are kindred spirit walkers!