Tuesday, November 28, 2006


If you know me... you know I can be a bit self-absorbed.

I'm conducting a social experiment. Not scientifically (I've never been a fan of the tediousness of scientific method). I'm just trying to gage as objectively as possible how my actions/reactions alter the situations in which I find myself.

I will update you on how this is going.

In the meantime... within 24 hours of reading this, please do something nice for someone needing to be shown kindness. If you are in need of kindness, give yourself the gift of a nice hot uninterrupted bath and count only your blessings.


1 comment:

Bazza said...

Hi. In the same paragraph you say you are not a fan of the scientific method and yet you want to be as objective as possible.
Hello? You must be mis-named!
(Only kidding!)