Wednesday, November 22, 2006

beauty finds me. traveling for hours, content to watch snow laden field after field pass by my window. back to this place i call home. finding this man, who has been mine since I was a girl. recognizing in him a spirit of oneness. a love more freeing than captive, but sometimes captive just the same.

for all those moments of letting go, there is always a greater measure of those for which I cling and refuse to unclasp my hand.

sometimes i dream, that other love comes to find me. the one that lives in my mind's eye. made up of fleeting flashes of a past i can't quite remember anymore. nor can I quite forget. kisses witnessed by a million stars and winter's night air. my breath in rapid succession. his touch imprinted on my skin. his thoughts, even now, finding mine. twisting fates.

and then the phone rings. you're bringing ice cream home. i come back to this moment, and you.


Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I think that was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. It was set to music.

terri said...



Rob said...

"come back to this moment"

This phrase hints at a quality in your writing (here and elsewhere)..conveying a feeling of authentic and spontaneous reactions to each moment...kind of Zen...and not tying up the loose ends but being content to live with all the paradoxes and confusions of everyday life.

Smarts said...

ms.d - i'm glad you found some beauty here. don't forget how much you possess and freely give to others.


Smarts said...


Smarts said...


i believe we share an understanding of these paradoxes. somewhere along the way i realized that even pain has beauty. i need to just let it be, for what it is - regardless of circumstance. my joy flows out of this.


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