Wednesday, July 05, 2006

scattered thoughts

I just pulled my favorite red hoody out of the dryer, it feels so toasty. And I am back to feeling good, melancholy good, but that is okay - it is my preference. I've some how managed to let go of the craziness of the past weeks and have started living, once again, as a present participant in my own life's story.

Jeremy called tonight and sounded like himself. I am trusting that he is finally relaxing into this new life we have chosen (even though I have yet to share in it). There was sparkle back in his voice, an eagerness and accepting. I knew it would come, despite my fear of how long it might take. I miss him and that pleases me.

My eating habits have improved over the last 7 days. I love not medicating my body with self-destructive reconstituted crap. Perhaps a massage is even in order. While in NYC last week I treated myself to two Chinese foot rubs. Just in case you happen to be going there any time soon the shop is located over a Thai restaurant on 50th between 8th and 9th Ave. Let's just say it warranted trip #2! it was that good.

Yoga calls.


Rob said...

Sounds good. I shall have to look out for a Chinese foot rub...I have never heard of them before!

Smarts said...

Rob, it was divine. Apparently it massages all the accupressure points in the foot and helps to balance energy and reduce fatigue. Worked for me.