Thursday, April 21, 2011


I had been feeling pretty tapped out for the last month or so.  Putting all of the creative energy I could muster into school and my yoga classes.  (BTW, yoga... incredible!  Makes my heart sing to share it with others.) So needless to say, the blog has suffered.  BUT, as all things in life are temporary, I am happy to report that after just a few days of down time (currently on Easter break) I once again seem to be teeming with inspiration.

This week feels like a glimpse into what will be possible for next year.  I am both excited and grateful.  I used to get very worried when I felt cut off creatively.  Now I realize it is a matter of letting go, getting out of the way and it miraculously returns every time.  Ideas do not need to be relentlessly pursued, they need to flow.   I know that when I am tapped out, I have in effect erected a dam that is holding it all away from me on the other side.  The good news, it is still all there waiting for me!

Also, of late I've been very into the Teachings of Abraham.   Below is a sampling.  If this wets your appetite for more, search YouTube as there are lots of videos there to help enlarge your understanding.

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Lyn said...

Angela, it seems that you are in a very interesting period of self discovery and self awareness in this leg of your journey. You also seem to be enjoying the transformational process that you - as we all- are undergoing. Sending you hugs this Easter and know that I think of you often and am pulling for you!