Friday, August 07, 2009

Carpe Diem

Today is our first full day in Rome. Great hotel, very quiet and in the heart of the Ancient city. We can see the ruins of the Roman Forum from our window!

Got a great sleep last night and just about ready to head out on foot. The map looks large but the streets are all narrow and winding, so getting from one place to another is quick. Looking forward to exploring the Forum, Coliseum and Tiber River within the next few hours. Will also make time for wine drinking and soaking up this weather - azure sky and the faintest of a breeze - I will have to tuck this away and remember it in the December.



Ms Dare2dv8 (Also Known As: Andrea) said...

Terribly jelous but happy you're taking it all in!! Can't wait to see pictures!

love you,

rob said...

Have a great holiday!