Sunday, June 14, 2009


A person can easily get themselves caught up in their circumstances. Feel trapped. Think there is no way out. Berate themselves because their situation is basically good and yet they don't really want what they have. Worry that if they do let it all go, what lies around the corner will be the worser evil.

This kind of thinking creates a lot of self-doubt and general dis contentedness in life. It is good to want change and one must examine closely what they truly want and how to get there with the least amount of collateral damage. Our lives are intertwined and our actions do impact others - our families, our friends, our colleagues. Yet despite this, this is your life. You should get what you want out of it.


Bob said...

Excellent points that I can relate to are:
-the need to move out of one's comfort zone
-one has to do what is right for oneself even if it impacts on others.

For myself, however, I need to guard against my changeable it's best not to be rash in making big decisions!

Smarts said...

Bob, I completely understand the 'changeable moods'!!! Thanks for stopping by.